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Trackside Companion

Just did another Track Night in America out at Harris Hill Raceway this week, it was awesome, I got to spend time with a bunch of great folks, catch up with all the amazing people that run the event, and drive my car like I stole it. They give you a pretty cool packet of materials, coupons, and other stuff, and this time the SCCA folks handed out Grassroots Motorsports Trackside Companion booklets. It is really helpful:

Lots of really useful tips about tire pressures, temperatures, suspension setups, I love it, very insightful for a novice/beginner such as myself. One of the coolest bits is in the back for keeping track of each of your events.

Next on my list of items to add for data acquisition is a tire pyrometer. Now I have a great way to keep track of suspension setups, and temps.


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