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Racing Slicks or Streetable Track – Part1

Tires, tires, tires, this is part1 of a three part series (part2, and part3) The single greatest and cheapest upgrade you can make to your car is tires, it will take seconds off of your lap-time. There is so much to talk about around tires, what type, manufacturer, temperatures, pressures, sizes. It is nearly impenetrable, here is my journey, and perspective. I have been using OEM tires on my CaymanR for the better part of this year, specifically the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, I feel confident that I am driving beyond the limit of this tire. So here is my current dilemma, I don’t have a trailer, I typically drive my car to the track, until I get it prepped, so racing slicks are going to be a tough situation. I have two sets of wheels, so I am thinking I want to try both, a streetable track tire, like the Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup2, or the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. I am leaning toward the Pirelli,

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RHoosier R7

I am also planning to order a set of Hoosier R7 racing slicks. So how do I get them to the track, can’t fit them in the car, and don’t really have a viable support team, or vehicle. My plan is to talk to Jeff Sexton over at winding road, and test out their track day services.

 Winding Road
I can drive to the track on the Pirelli tires, test them out for a session or two, then switch over to the slicks, and do a comparison. I think it will be a pretty cool experience, I will share more once I figure it all out.

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