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Austin Schnell Fest – Day1

Having a blast out at Austin Schnell Fest this weekend (see my previous post), I finally got some sessions with the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, holy cow, they are amazing. This is part1, of a three part series: (part2, part3) I ran a baseline hot lap in the first session with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2 OEM street tires, and then we put the Trofeo R’s on, it was night, and day, I took 7 seconds off of my lap time, incredible. I have been capturing data along the way, and we are putting the new tire pyrometer to use as well, with the log book. What a great experience. We are going to run the Trofeo R’s all day Saturday, and then switch over to the Hoosiers for Sunday. The crew at TPWS have been phenomenal, love working with them so laid back, and professional. Some pretty cool cars in the garages as well.

Here is the video from the first session with the street tires, lots of traffic, but I got to chase my twin!

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