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Austin Schnell Fest – Day3

I found another beautiful GTB1 ready Cayman built by Elite Auto Innovations super clean, I hope that my car will turn at as gorgeous as this one!

Last day of the session more great help from my friends at TPWS got the tires swapped, and the car setup to drive on Hoosiers today. Drove on the Hoosiers R7, in the cold this morning, little nervous, but wow after two laps got them heated up, and they were even better than the already amazing Trofeo R’s, I was able to lower my lap time by a full 10 seconds consistently from my initial baseline lap. Used the Event Log Sheet from the Grassroots Motorsports Trackside Companion to keep track of temps, and pressures, I was warming those tires up really good.

Video from Session1

Video from Session2

Video from Session3

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