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Choosing your own Path

At one of the recent Track Night in America events (see my previous post) I ran into Tom O’Gorman who was giving out little temporary tattoos with his face on them, and it made me think “who is this guy?” What great branding! So, I did some research, looked up his back story, and found this really cool Road, and Track article. It gave me inspiration for this post, the network of people that I have met through this hobby is pretty incredible, I have gotten tons of advice. The main piece of advice, is that there no “right way” it seems that everybody has taken their own path. This blog is my document for my path. I decided to post about some of the other articles I have been using for inspiration and guidance. I like this Car, and Driver post by Larry Webster because it really speaks to how you can go racing on a budget. This other article by Bradley Brownell gives a great 4 step process up the pyramid to professional endurance racing, with some of the figures for costs, most of them are pretty far out of my league, but I like the progression that he shows. I also like this view into the chump car circuit from Randall Lane and his notion of a “third way“. There so many other drivers and articles out there, it is amazing the variety of ways that people end up in the sport, and where they goes once they’ve caught the bug. My path is leading me toward club racing, can’t wait to learn!


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