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Racing Slicks or Streetable Track – Part2

Going to the Austin Schnell Fest next weekend, really excited to do three days of practice on track tires. Got both sets of the tires that I mentioned in my previous post: a set of Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, and a set of Hoosier R7. Find my opinion on which tire worked best for me in my most recent post. The amazing folks from TWPS are going to help me get the tires to the track, and work with me, the car, and tires. We are going to do different sessions changing the tires in between. I also got the tire pyrometer that I talked about here, and will use the log book to keep a record of the pressures, and temperatures so we can compare it with the data. The plan is to run a baseline on street tires, then switch over to the Trofeo’s, for a couple sessions, and then the Hoosiers for a couple more, and switch back, and forth during the day and do comparisons using Harry’s Laptimer, and Circuit Tools. Really excited to learn with these new tires, and techniques. Planning to get driver checked from yellow, to white, and see what it would take to go from white to red run group. More pictures, videos, and data to come.

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