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Racing Slicks or Streetable Track – Part3

The last of my three part series about my experience with the differences between, street tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2 (OEM)), streetable track tires (Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R), and racing slicks (Hoosier R7) here are my previous posts (part1, part2). I had the Trofeo R tires heat cycled and shaved by Tire Rack, and the Hoosiers heat cycled before they shipped (how amazing is that!) The verdict in my opinion, the Hoosiers are superior to the Trofeo R, for my driving style, and the price is slightly better, so win/win. The Trofeo R’s were in my experience more direct on turn-in, very precise, I am running a completely stock setup, no coilovers, no camber plates, no sway bars (yet…), so changing that sensation/experience was not really in the cards. It was a night and day experience going from street tires to the Trofeo R, however I like the car a bit more loose it suits my driving style to let it hang out a bit more, and the Hoosiers allowed me to really experience, and play with the slip angle. The Hoosiers gave me more slip on turn-in it didn’t dart in, and this suited me, and made me feel immediately more confident. After a lap and a half the tires were warmed up, even in the colder weather. I will need to see how many heat cycles for each, the Trofeo R’s now have 7 cycles, and the Hoosiers 3 cycles. Overall I was able to lower my lap times by 10 seconds by going from street tires to racing slicks. I was able to get some very consistent lap times with the Hoosiers, 4 laps in a row of 2:38

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