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Building a GTB1 CaymanR – Part3

Still going back and forth, and exploring my options (see my previous posts part1, part2) I found a car at Elite Motorsports and then went and saw it this week. This could be an option, its a 987.1 from ’07 it has been reasonably developed, and is extremely clean, very well done, great attention to detail. Unfortunately, it would still need some work, a full suspension upgrade (Control Arms, Toe Links, Tie-Rod Ends), a Big Brake Kit upgrade, and the engine might need to be replaced, or a spare kept on hand, the 987.1 have a bit of a history, the IMS bearing issue most specifically, which on this engine can’t be replaced. Maybe buy it, and a new engine, at the price who know it could be right.

Also, I talked to Geoff over at Isringhausen again, and we are trying to figure out if we can get a car down to COTA for the Club Race in March. He suggested I go ahead, and just buy this car:

780087 01.jpg
It is amazing completely ready to go, my car to go toward the cost, so… at the very least I might get to drive this car for the Club Racing School in March. I still think I am on the right path with building out my car as it is more gradual, and does not get me in over my head to quickly, but ultimately from a pure dollars perspective it is essentially raking money into a depreciating asset, so more deliberation. My Dad says “just go for it, buy Geoff’s car, its the cleanest option”.

In other news, I am headed to Porsche Driving School, and will ideally have my competition license ready for next year, super excited, fingers crossed.


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