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Porsche Sports Driving School – Masters RS

I just completed the Porsche Sports Driving School Masters RS course this week, did the Masters course last week (Masters). I have completed the certificate of compliance which, will allow me to apply for a competition license, next step PCA Club Racing. Hurley Haywood was there for all three days, and is the Chief Driving Instructor for the school, what an amazing experience to work with Hurley, and all the other instructors including Cass Whitehead and others. I particularly enjoyed working with John Lewis who helped us do data analysis between sessions, ridiculously insightful, his approach, and instruction were unforgettable. We got to drive a variety of cars which really made me focus on adapting my driving style. We drove the Boxster (PDK), and Cayman (Manual) 718S, the Carrera GTS (PDK/Manual), the 911 TurboS, and the GT3RS. The GT3RS made me feel very confident, overall my fastest recorded lap times, were predictably in the TurboS.

They had most of the cars outfitted with Race Keeper HDX2 systems, I have all of the video, and data uploaded, here on my youtube channel in one playlist. Below is my hot lap in the TurboS, I put down a 1:42, which is not too shabby.


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