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Racing License – Part2

Working on getting everything together for a PCA Rookie Racing License (read up on part1), quite a few prerequisites: at least 12 days of DE, race school, or equivalent events, complete medical forms, certificate of experience, and ability from a PCA Region Chief Driving Instructor (which I have to complete). To get my certificate of experience, and ability I am going to head down to Houston for an LSR DE. I am going to use Winding Road to help me transport the car, and an extra set of tires/wheels. To prepare for the drive check, I am going to work with Courtney ahead of time, to make sure I get everything ready to be clearly demonstrated. I am nervous, and excited to drive a new track, and get this level of scrutiny, and feedback. From there I am going to submit all of my paperwork, and wait anxiously for three weeks, wish me luck.


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