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Taking the Plunge

Well after my endless back, and forth of build vs buy, I decided to finally pull the trigger, and go with buy. My main goal is to run at COTA in the PCA Club Race this March. I did not want to rush a build, and decided it made more sense, economically speaking, to buy an already built car. So… I sold both of my cars the CaymanR, and my 1974 911S, and purchased this car from Geoff at Isringhausen:

780087 01.jpg

The car is a beast, has already passed tech’ed, and comes with a log book. The plan is to go over the car with TPWS, then take it for a shakedown at Harris Hill with TPWS, and Winding Road. We will work on a baseline setup, before the race in March, I am super excited, anxious, nervous.