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Acheiving My Goals

There has been quite a lot wrapped up in my goal of running a PCA club race. I used the goal of racing as way to change my lifestyle, which helped change my perspective on my health, and many other things. I wrote a previous post about my health it has take a lot of willpower to get where I wanted. I had to come up with my own definition of willpower, which I really consider to be a form a self-awareness, or mindfulness. For so long I was on auto-pilot when it came to eating. My friend Dillon sent me this photo the other day, and it speaks volumes of the progress I’ve made

So far I have lost 85 Lbs, I want to get another 15 Lbs off, to make it an even 100 Lbs. I keep telling myself, and others getting the weight off has been easy, keeping it off will be the real challenge, I need to maintain this lifestyle, and constantly set goals, and be mindful to keep it going.

I believe this mindset will help in my driving, being very methodical, and mindful. In the first race, on my first start, I got hit and bent a wheel, in the grand scheme of things, a pretty good outcome for contact. Lap time in the first race decided position in the second race. Because I did not finish the first race, I had to start in the back for the second race. I was able to work my way up to second position in class, which was an amazing way to get my my first PCA club race finish. I was able to put the past behind me, and focus on my goal of getting on the podium.

I am going to continue setting goals for myself, the next one is to figure out how to fund this adventure, and get a team together. I want to work my way to longer endurance races, with a multiple driver format, ultimately working to Sebring, or Daytona. The next stop is Barber Motorsports in May so I can get some more wheel-to-wheel time, on a track that I have already experienced.
Photo Credit: Tim Lair