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First PCA Club Race Experience

I did it! I ran my first PCA Club Race, in my new GTB1 car, and had an absolute blast!! IT WAS AMAZING. I had a ton of my friends and family there supporting me. The best crew, and support from TPWS, Chris, and LeAnn are incredible, we developed a tremendous friendship through the experience. Practice, and Qualifying was great, I got position 1, in class for both qualifying session.

In the first race I got hit, it bent the wheel, so I couldn’t finish, but the car was fine. As part of the PCA procedures I had to write up an incident report, get checked by the medical doctor, and visit race control so that the stewards could review my video.

I was cleared for the second race. The finishing position in the first race set the starting position for the second race, so… I had to start in the back. In the rain on slicks, I was able to come back, taking 10 positions in 10 laps, getting to position 2 in my class for my first podium! I was awarded the rookie of the race!

I had an amazing time, and a great couple days, with a really good group of friends, family, mentors, coaches and drivers!