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Reading Materials

I am a voracious reader, I like fiction, non-fiction, biographical, and classic literature. On that topic, I have a couple recommendations, these are not likely already on everybody’s radar, but for those who have not spent time reading about racing, or driving, here you go. The definitive title, that is always referred to by almost every driver I’ve spoken to:
Ultimate Speed Secrets by Ross Bentley
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I like this book quite a bit as well, it speaks my language, very direct
You suck at racing

Link to Kindle and print versions at Amazon

A book that is on my list, but have not gotten to yet, as I work on being able to use the right language about what the car is doing, and what I am experiencing, I hope this might help:
The Perfect Corner

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To give you a flavor for some of the other books, and interests on my list, this is the definitive reading list, that I have been working my way through over the last couple years:

Alan Kay’s Reading List