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Irons in the Fire

Again on the build up to another race, we are headed to Road America for labor day. I have a ton going on. I am having my car transported this coming week up to Bilt Racing Services to have air-jacks installed. They have agreed to work with us (me, and the always incredible TPWS Inc.) at the track which will up our preparation game significantly.

We are targeting to arrive in Illinois the evening of the 28th, 

Spend the 29th at the BRS shop (learn prep/setup)
Shakedown at Autobahn on the 30th (learn shakedown) 
Transport to Road America on the 31st (learn load-in/load-out)
Race the 1st-3rd Sept leave on the evening of the 3rd (learn race support)

I have been working on research for a patent search with the help of Kirk Dorius, trying to get everything together for work on a NSF grant, have joined a startup incubator, and I have been writing an article for Hill Country PCA Horizon magazine. Just got back from San Francisco, and will be traveling to NYC this coming week. Jed from Rogers Design House helped me with an amazing logo, need to get it on the car along with one for the YMCA. 

Was able to get some testing done on the podium setup from AutoSport Labs at the COTA under the Lights event held by Edge Addicts, it works well, but is not exactly what I need, thank you Corey for your help! I am working on learning Road America, using iRacing, Virtual Racing School datasets, and the really detailed webinar by David Murry.