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Big Week – Last Week

Was up in New York last weekend to meet with Nestle Health Sciences, and the incredible marketing team for OptiFast. We shot some testimonial footage, and pictures, it was great to finally meet everybody in person. I came back late Sunday night, worked on Monday, then on Tuesday flew to Palo Alto, to meet Samantha, and Mendel as well as the the Fall 2018 class from Founder Friendly Labs for a mentoring session. It was excellent, got some good advice, and made some new connections. Secured equity-free cloud credits, to help me with my R&D costs. There is one week left to apply to the 2019 Winter Founder Friendly Labs Class apply by 10/31.

This week has settle down a bit, I am seeing if it will be possible to run the WRL 8+8 here at COTA, and am anxiously awaiting to drive my car again. Doing some cool stuff with LRA, did a team event, and working on a content marketing approach. Also, got some really cool branding stuff done with Jed @ Roger’s Design House. Yah! Stickers!

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