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Ryan Yard

Officially a Startup

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I have a 3-part business plan:
1.) work with my sponsors, by putting marketing systems in place to help them improve the performance of their business.
2.) build a track-side support business in partnership with TPWS.
3.) bring a product to market for the motorsports industry.Read More »Officially a Startup

That’s a Wrap

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Finished my first season of club racing, with three weekends under my belt, COTA, Barber, and Road America. I learned a lot, still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. To be anywhere near competitive you have to have an amazing team, and be ridiculously well prepared. Read More »That’s a Wrap


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While chasing my passion to become a racing driver, I have focused on my health as a major component, working with the Oakhill Wellness Center, and Nestle Health Sciences OPTIFAST to help me loose over 97Lbs. Read More »OPTIforLife