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While chasing my passion to become a racing driver, I have focused on my health as a major component, working with the Oakhill Wellness Center, and Nestle Health Sciences OPTIFAST to help me loose over 97Lbs. Read More »OPTIforLife

Irons in the Fire

Again on the build up to another race, we are headed to Road America for labor day. I have a ton going on. I am having my car transported this coming week up to Bilt Racing Services to have air-jacks installed. They have agreed to work with us (me, and the always incredible TPWS Inc.) at the track which will up our preparation game significantly.

We are targeting to arrive in Illinois the evening of the 28th, Read More »Irons in the Fire

Telling My Story

I have taken the first step to put myself out there, and start telling my story was able to work with the YMCA of Austin to put out a mini-documentary as a part of their Y Stories. I am really excited to share, and hope that it will help others

Read More »Telling My Story