PCA Club Racing Driveway to Raceway: LeAnn Hazlett and Ryan Yard

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When LeAnn Hazlett was growing up, she spent most of her time in her father’s car shop, where he has been servicing Porsches exclusively for more than 30 years. Fast forward to today and Hazlett is one of the few, female crew leaders in the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Club Racing Paddock. Continue reading “PCA Club Racing Driveway to Raceway: LeAnn Hazlett and Ryan Yard”

Preparation is Key

The main thing that attracts me to road racing is that I keep learning. It is one of those things that you can do for your whole life, and never perfect, you can always learn more, and improve. With that in mind, what did I learn from my experience at the 72hrs of Barber?

I have so much to learn, we are super green, we need to be way better prepared, all the proper tools, spares, car should have had a shakedown before transport, we need someone telling us where to be, when we need to be there, getting everybody organized, and take notes on everything.

Working with Colten was amazing, he is such a pro, has tons of experience, and he is ridiculously fast. We also had the extreme pleasure of working with Sherman Engler he has been racing for over 40 years, with his wife by his side the two of them gave me many life lessons, and were a tremendous asset.

What went well? We were able to assemble a great team, and I was able to get on the podium for my first sprint! Actually ended get P1 because people got caught passing under yellow. In the second race, I learned the most, I had a contact with another driver in my class, I should have backed out completely, that one is going down in the catalogue of “don’t do that again”. In the Enduro, Colten, and I did great we started in the back, because I did not get on grid in time, but we worked our way up to P4 in class.

Thank you TPWS for going on this crazy adventure with me, time to get ready for the next one!

Here is some video from my first sprint, got a great start, and was able to bring it home P12 to P1!


Ready for ‘bama

Super excited for next week, at Barber Motorsports Park!


Some last minute tweaks to the livery: got the Longhorn Racing Academy, and the Oakhill Wellness Center logos on the car! Thank you both, and thank you to TPWS for their continued amazing support! Also, very excited to be sharing the car with Colten Miller, we drove together at the Porsche Driving School, and were consistently sharing the 1, and 2 spots throughout, he is on a path to “convert from dirt” and will be driving the Enduro with me! Transportation is locked in, fuel is on the way, logos are done,  got some new number panels, car is ready to go, and I have been getting some good practice in on iRacing. Additionally, I have been  really putting it in at the gym, to make sure my endurance is up, lots of cardio, and high rep weight workouts, 6 days a week. Can’t wait to get out there, see Colten, work, and have fun with Chris, and LeAnn, maybe get to see Cass, and Sherman, and drive that amazing track, looks like we might get rain, which I love, finally a chance to put some time in on wets, might put in a track order for another set with Frisby :-). The logistics on this racing are intense!


Gathering My Thoughts

Need to organize my thoughts, have a quite a lot  going on currently:

Getting ready for Barber:
Only a couple weeks away, I feel mostly prepared with all the big ticket items: Travel, Hotel, Rental, Transportation, but have a couple outstanding items on the list:

  • Need to follow-up with Colton to get the fuel sorted out
  • Test out the cool suit, make sure it works, no leaks
  • Get the outer rim replaced, get all the tires mounted and balanced
  • Decide whether we need to get the Cobb Tuner, to pull codes
  • Keep practicing in iRacing,want to get to a 1:28 consistently
  • Need to research my competitors more

LRA Sponsor Event:
The team at LRA have generously offered to host me, and a sponsor, and a potential sponsor at COTA on May 12th, so I want to get everything organized for that:

  • Follow-up with Wrap Dynamics to get the car stickered, 
    • LRA on the wing
    • Oakhill Wellness on the hood
    • Redo the number plates
  • Get my headline, and byline done

Work on Brand, and Marketing 
I am working with two of my friends Ashley White, and Jed Rogers to get my story out there, and package everything. Ashley is helping me put together my story so that it is easy to tell, and understand, we are going to work on a press kit of sorts, with some photos, a short video, and then a one-sheet bio, I am going to get with Jed to work on my brand identity, and logo design.

Focus on Body Composition
So after 7 months on the OptiFast program, I have lost 98Lbs, 2Lbs more to go, I have started working with a nutritionist, and will be moving back to solids over the next month, so far, so good picked up an additional meal every other day this week, will be on two meals a day next week. Additionally, I have been picking up the activity level, in preparation for the 90-minute Enduro at Barber, I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio everyday, along with my normal weight, and stretching routines. I am going to start focusing on Body Fat Percentage, and work on tuning it that down to an appropriate level, more to come.

Keep Learning
Part of my approach to engaging my sponsors, is to work with them on campaign management, and marketing analytics, I am still learning, and developing my approach, but it will be based on something like this: Marketing Data Warehouse. I am also teaching myself Data Engineering, and Machine Learning, right now, I am working my way through Lex Fridman’s excellent Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars, I am very interested in the RRT* algorithm developed by Sertac Karaman