Building a GTB1 CaymanR – Part2

Here is the follow-up to my previous post about building out my CaymanR. This week I went to visit the amazing team over at Bilt Racing Services we met out at the Autobahn Country Club hung out, went for a track tour, and then went to check out their shop. What a great time, these guys are incredibly professional, and have a ton of experience. The amount of time they have spent to understand what it takes to make a car race ready, the craftsmanship and detail they put into their builds is unparalleled. Here is one of the body-in-white cars, that was being worked on, lots of custom love and care goes into these:

I was able to connect with them on shared history with a love for air-cooled cars, they have a really cool Volkswagen support vehicle in their shop as well:

Here is what we are going to do to the car:

BRS Low Temp Thermostat
CSF Radiators all around
New Inlet ducts, and Grills in the bumper
PDK Coolers

KW Competition 3-way Race Coilover Set
GT3RS Control Arms
Tarrett Drop Links
Toe Links, and Tie Rod Kits

Big Brake Kit:
GT3 Master Cylinder
Brembo Race Big Front Brake Kit
Sebro Rear Rotors

Roll fenders to fit bigger wheel/tires
Wheel Stud Kit
Formula43 10.5×18, and 10×18

63″ BRS Wing
Composite Front  Splitter

BRS Gen-2 Race Exhaust

BRS PDK Removable Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Paddle-Shifters

Cobb Tuning for 987.2


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Building a GTB1 CaymanR – Part1

Build/Buy/Rent those are the options as far as I can tell. There is no clear path, each option has upside, and downside. This post is part of a series, here is part2. I think I am going to do a combo, I am going to rent first to make sure I understand what the car is going to feel like, and then go into a build using my CaymanR as the donor. I did research, and found Bilt Racing Services. They do exactly what I need and can help me develop the car over time which, is how I am going to approach the build. My plan for next year 2018 is to rent a GTB1 CaymanR from Isringhausen for a couple weekends, then go down the path of reliability (upgraded cooling), big brakes, aero, suspension, wheels/tires. I will develop the car all the way to point where the only thing left would be weight saving, and a full cage. Once I get an idea of what it takes to get used to driving the car with this setup, and learning how to change the setup. I will then take the car the rest of the way.