Racing School

To take the next step from SCCA novice, to competition license, you have to pick a couple different options, novice permit, plus school, plus events, or go to a competition license school. I decided to go the route of a full competition license school.  Because I have fallen in love with Porsche both old, and new, I decided to go with the Porsche Driving School. I am really excited, I have two weeks setup up, one for the Masters Two-Day, and a second week for the Master RS Three-day Competition Driving Course. I am a bit nervous this is a bunch of time, and money, I really hope it is worth it, there is not much by way of reviews, so I will post more once I have completed the course.


PCA Club Racing

After attending Carrera of Americas this spring, I asked around and started to understand that PCA Club Racing might be a good place to start to get experience racing wheel-to-wheel, the rules are conducive to a beginner with a modest budget. Also, it was easy to understand how to setup the car to meet class requirements, I did some searching to figure out where other Cayman R’s were placed, and found GTB1 was where my car fit

Next steps are to find a builder that can help me take the car from stock to race ready. More to come in the next couple posts.


Working with an Instructor

I needed help to start working on car control, and how to improve my skill. I started working with Scott Dollahite doing the two courses (Foundations and Advanced) at Driveway Austin it was an incredible experience, I got loads of track time. Scott is a very patient, and experienced instructor, and driver it really helped me get comfortable with the Cayman R, which is an amazingly forgiving, and balanced car to drive.

Driveway Austin L3

Additionally, I started working with Courtney Rivers who I met while spending time with Longhorn Racing Academy (LRA) she has really helped me get comfortable with car control. The first thing we started with was trail braking, and we then moved on to data analysis working out at Harris Hill Raceway.

Additionally, I have done a number of HPDE events at Circuit of the Americas both with LRA, and later through the Hill Country PCA. The PCA events have started bringing instructors in as well, and I have taken the opportunity to work with them as well. I think it is really good experience to get as much variety of tracks as possible as you begin learning.

Circuit of the Americas