Preparations for 2019

Continuing my work on track notes, I have a working prototype, just need to clean up the UI, and then start working on the iPhone cross-compile, I hope cordova works well for that.

I started a new 6-week workout block with two HIIT days, it is pretty rough from a recovery perspective, I do 45-minutes of HIIT cycling on Monday/Wednesday with 30-minutes of weight training, on Tuesday/Thursday I run, and do weights for 30-minutes each, on Friday I swim, and then do endurance focused weight training. Talking to my nutritionist about a Ketogenic plan to go with my training platform.

I keep adding to the backlog of reading materials, going through the bibliography of Michael Krumm’s excellent:  Driving On The Edge: The Art and Science of Race Driving

I have made some significant breakthroughs on my upmarket product, currently building out the underlying development platform, and pipeline using the cloud credits from FFL.

I am dying to get out in my car for a test day, looking at the next edge addicts event, or maybe just a session out at Harris Hill (which would be my preference). Hopefully, I can get that setup over the next couple weeks.

Gathering My Thoughts

Need to organize my thoughts, have a quite a lot  going on currently:

Getting ready for Barber:
Only a couple weeks away, I feel mostly prepared with all the big ticket items: Travel, Hotel, Rental, Transportation, but have a couple outstanding items on the list:

  • Need to follow-up with Colton to get the fuel sorted out
  • Test out the cool suit, make sure it works, no leaks
  • Get the outer rim replaced, get all the tires mounted and balanced
  • Decide whether we need to get the Cobb Tuner, to pull codes
  • Keep practicing in iRacing,want to get to a 1:28 consistently
  • Need to research my competitors more

LRA Sponsor Event:
The team at LRA have generously offered to host me, and a sponsor, and a potential sponsor at COTA on May 12th, so I want to get everything organized for that:

  • Follow-up with Wrap Dynamics to get the car stickered, 
    • LRA on the wing
    • Oakhill Wellness on the hood
    • Redo the number plates
  • Get my headline, and byline done

Work on Brand, and Marketing 
I am working with two of my friends Ashley White, and Jed Rogers to get my story out there, and package everything. Ashley is helping me put together my story so that it is easy to tell, and understand, we are going to work on a press kit of sorts, with some photos, a short video, and then a one-sheet bio, I am going to get with Jed to work on my brand identity, and logo design.

Focus on Body Composition
So after 7 months on the OptiFast program, I have lost 98Lbs, 2Lbs more to go, I have started working with a nutritionist, and will be moving back to solids over the next month, so far, so good picked up an additional meal every other day this week, will be on two meals a day next week. Additionally, I have been picking up the activity level, in preparation for the 90-minute Enduro at Barber, I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio everyday, along with my normal weight, and stretching routines. I am going to start focusing on Body Fat Percentage, and work on tuning it that down to an appropriate level, more to come.

Keep Learning
Part of my approach to engaging my sponsors, is to work with them on campaign management, and marketing analytics, I am still learning, and developing my approach, but it will be based on something like this: Marketing Data Warehouse. I am also teaching myself Data Engineering, and Machine Learning, right now, I am working my way through Lex Fridman’s excellent Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars, I am very interested in the RRT* algorithm developed by Sertac Karaman



Reading Materials

I am a voracious reader, I like fiction, non-fiction, biographical, and classic literature. On that topic, I have a couple recommendations, these are not likely already on everybody’s radar, but for those who have not spent time reading about racing, or driving, here you go. The definitive title, that is always referred to by almost every driver I’ve spoken to:
Ultimate Speed Secrets by Ross Bentley
Image result for ultimate speed secrets

I like this book quite a bit as well, it speaks my language, very direct
You suck at racing

Link to Kindle and print versions at Amazon

A book that is on my list, but have not gotten to yet, as I work on being able to use the right language about what the car is doing, and what I am experiencing, I hope this might help:
The Perfect Corner

Image result for The Perfect Corner

To give you a flavor for some of the other books, and interests on my list, this is the definitive reading list, that I have been working my way through over the last couple years:

Alan Kay’s Reading List