Coaching – Track Night in America

I had the extreme pleasure of being the novice coach this week for the SCCA’s Track Night in America Program thank you very much to the incredible Courtney Rivers, who is now serving as the event manager for the southwest region, she did back-to-back MSR Cresson, Harris Hill Raceway, and then NOLA all in one week, impressive! We had a full house out there with 25 cars in the novice group, really good guys, having fun in their cool cars. I had a blast, can’t wait until the next one, on May 9th Here is the group that I coached out on track at Harris Hill.

There are events all over the country for many of the SCCA regions, more details here


Getting it Together

Busy couple of weeks, I am working to get everything together for my next race, tie up loose ends from my previous outing, see if I can get a couple sponsors, and just generally have a lot of “irons in the fire”. Got a chance to get out with the amazing team at Longhorn Racing Academy last week, my parents, and the TPWS crew, came out, it was a blast. This post is going to be me getting my thoughts organized, and trying to get it all written down.

Getting ready for Barber:

  • Ordered another set of wheels from Bilt Racing Services, they are such good people, 
    • They should show up this coming week.
  • Need to order another set of tires from Frisby I want to use my contingency certificates
    • Need to follow-up and get the order in.
  •  I booked my travel, need to get it organized for Chris, and LeAnn, who are coming with
    • Hotel, Airfare.
  • Have to find a panel van/transporter for rent so we can keep all the tools, wheels/tires, and everything stored at the track.
  • Need to get racing fuel 101, or better delivered to the track.
  • Have to find a carrier to move the car, and all of our equipment (fuel bottles, wheels/tires, and tools (jacks, stands, wrenches, etc..) 
  • Have to get the outer rim on one of my wheels replaced, and installed
  • Need to get with Wrap Dynamics, get the new sponsor logos printed, and put on the car

Getting a couple sponsors

I want to get a marketing campaign going with Longhorn Racing Academy, that tells my story, and shows the journey that others could take, something along the lines of a here are our Graduates: I started with them doing one of their exotic driving experiences, I then attended one of the HPDE’s that they organized, following that I purchased one of  their cars :-), I then started taking lessons with Courtney, doing DE’s with PCA, went to Driveway Austin, I joined SCCA, and started going to Track Night in America, drove/drove/drove, took the courses at Porsche Sport Driving School got my PCA license, bought a racecar, and ran my first race at Circuit of the Americas this last month.

The other story that I have is the one regarding my health, I decided in October of 2017 that I wanted to  get serious about the racing, and was determined to be competitive, and enjoy myself, so I started a very tough diet (liquids only, 800 Calories a day), and workout regimen. Over the course of the last 6 months, I have lost 94Lbs, I have 6Lbs more to go, and I will be transitioning back to solid foods. I would like to tell this story with the help of my doctor, and the team at Oak Hill Wellness Clinic and involve Nestle Health Sciences.  

I want to find someone with experience writing to help me get a bio together, and start putting together my marketing package, as I approach this campaign, I want to provide my expertise around marketing data analysis, with all of the tooling.

Lastly, I am super excited to have had Chris from TPWS drive the car, would love to get him his license so we can start working toward a two-man enduro format, here is his video:


Trackside Companion

Just did another Track Night in America out at Harris Hill Raceway this week, it was awesome, I got to spend time with a bunch of great folks, catch up with all the amazing people that run the event, and drive my car like I stole it. They give you a pretty cool packet of materials, coupons, and other stuff, and this time the SCCA folks handed out Grassroots Motorsports Trackside Companion booklets. It is really helpful:

Lots of really useful tips about tire pressures, temperatures, suspension setups, I love it, very insightful for a novice/beginner such as myself. One of the coolest bits is in the back for keeping track of each of your events.

Next on my list of items to add for data acquisition is a tire pyrometer. Now I have a great way to keep track of suspension setups, and temps.


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