Austin Schnell Fest – Day3

I found another beautiful GTB1 ready Cayman built by Elite Auto Innovations super clean, I hope that my car will turn at as gorgeous as this one!

Last day of the session more great help from my friends at TPWS got the tires swapped, and the car setup to drive on Hoosiers today. Drove on the Hoosiers R7, in the cold this morning, little nervous, but wow after two laps got them heated up, and they were even better than the already amazing Trofeo R’s, I was able to lower my lap time by a full 10 seconds consistently from my initial baseline lap. Used the Event Log Sheet from the Grassroots Motorsports Trackside Companion to keep track of temps, and pressures, I was warming those tires up really good.

Video from Session1

Video from Session2

Video from Session3

Shop for Pirelli tires at Tire Rack.
Shop for Hoosier tires at Tire Rack.


Austin Schnell Fest – Day2

With the help from my friends at TPWS I was able to have a really amazing and unique experience this weekend. They helped me get tires to the track, get them mounted, and get them on and off the car. Then they helped me take, and record tire temperatures, and pressures. I can not speak more highly of this fantastic company, and family.  The Trofeo R’s are really good, had some great open laps, and was able to get some consistent times in the low 2:40’s additionally, I was able to get driver checked into the next run group, and have some fun getting spanked, and trying to manage the traffic, of the very fast white run group drivers.

Here is the video from session1:

Here is the video from session2:

Shop for Pirelli tires at Tire Rack.
Shop for Hoosier tires at Tire Rack.


Austin Schnell Fest – Day1

Having a blast out at Austin Schnell Fest this weekend (see my previous post), I finally got some sessions with the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, holy cow, they are amazing. This is part1, of a three part series: (part2, part3) I ran a baseline hot lap in the first session with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2 OEM street tires, and then we put the Trofeo R’s on, it was night, and day, I took 7 seconds off of my lap time, incredible. I have been capturing data along the way, and we are putting the new tire pyrometer to use as well, with the log book. What a great experience. We are going to run the Trofeo R’s all day Saturday, and then switch over to the Hoosiers for Sunday. The crew at TPWS have been phenomenal, love working with them so laid back, and professional. Some pretty cool cars in the garages as well.

Here is the video from the first session with the street tires, lots of traffic, but I got to chase my twin!

Shop for Pirelli tires at Tire Rack.
Shop for Hoosier tires at Tire Rack.



Doing a really awesome HPDE with the LRA team today, planning to get some more data, and use it in between sessions. Running on a set of bald Michelin Pilot Super Sport PS2’s just to get the experience. Really excited to see everybody, and catch up weather looks great, little chilly.

Here is the video from the first session:


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Building a GTB1 CaymanR – Part2

Here is the follow-up to my previous post about building out my CaymanR. This week I went to visit the amazing team over at Bilt Racing Services we met out at the Autobahn Country Club hung out, went for a track tour, and then went to check out their shop. What a great time, these guys are incredibly professional, and have a ton of experience. The amount of time they have spent to understand what it takes to make a car race ready, the craftsmanship and detail they put into their builds is unparalleled. Here is one of the body-in-white cars, that was being worked on, lots of custom love and care goes into these:

I was able to connect with them on shared history with a love for air-cooled cars, they have a really cool Volkswagen support vehicle in their shop as well:

Here is what we are going to do to the car:

BRS Low Temp Thermostat
CSF Radiators all around
New Inlet ducts, and Grills in the bumper
PDK Coolers

KW Competition 3-way Race Coilover Set
GT3RS Control Arms
Tarrett Drop Links
Toe Links, and Tie Rod Kits

Big Brake Kit:
GT3 Master Cylinder
Brembo Race Big Front Brake Kit
Sebro Rear Rotors

Roll fenders to fit bigger wheel/tires
Wheel Stud Kit
Formula43 10.5×18, and 10×18

63″ BRS Wing
Composite Front  Splitter

BRS Gen-2 Race Exhaust

BRS PDK Removable Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Paddle-Shifters

Cobb Tuning for 987.2


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Racing Simulators

A racing simulator is a really great investment, no costly consumables, total freedom to try any line, with no fear of breaking your car. I use iRacing as my simulator of choice, pretty sure it is the de-facto standard at this point, it is unbelievably detailed, and exceedingly realistic.

As with your car, you can really choose how far into the simulation to get, with how you add/modify your setup. Some people choose a complete cockpit setup, some leverage a VR rig, others have a completely modest setup, like me.

I use a Logitech G920 it is reasonable priced comparatively, and has a lot of the functionality I need. I used this setup to run the Porsche GT3 Cup last season, combined with Virtual Racing School (VRS)  a really great experience with both the series and the VRS system. I think the VRS datapacks are phenomenally valuable, data capture, analysis, video, and download, I learned a lot from trying the different setups, and watching the videos.

Right now I am using my simulator to learn the Barber Motorsports track for the Porsche Driving School that I will be attending in December (see my previous post)