The Gift of Time

A few years ago, in my late 30s, my mother fell ill requiring extensive treatment. During her treatment, and ultimate recovery, I reflected on how I was spending my time, and what I was doing with it. This led me  to purchase my mom a watch as a gift, her fight really made me focus on my health, and made me want to get the most out of what little time we have together. My mother in return gifted me a gorgeous Stuhrling Skeleton watch, which I value greatly for its significance, and sentiment.

Seeing my mother fight to recover, gave me the inspiration to take control of my health, to use the time I have  to make a bigger impact. This is what led me to chase my passion so completely. Racing soon became my conviction, and I found my life began to orbit around it. I realized that if I wanted to be competitive, I needed to take control of my health. With this newfound call of racing cars competitively, I proceeded to lose over 140 pounds in eighteen months. 

Every time I wear the beautiful gift of this Stuhrling watch it reminds me of my mother’s strength, and determination, helps focus my priorities, and gives me greater perspective. I believe that finding, and living my passion, can create an  impact, by inspiring others to discover their passion. Thank you for the gift of inspiration Mom!

I will continue to tell my story with Stuhrling over the course of 2020 while wearing their beautiful racing inspired Monaco-style Torero Chronograph